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About The Community

The Cash Confident™️ Community is a Private Online Membership of like-minded women who are building a financial skill set, freedom and security. 

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If money is a sore subject for you, or you are on-again-off again with your budget this is the place for you. 

The women inside Cash Confident are having so much success because we approach money, management and mindset differently. 

We make plans and build systems for the human who manages the money because making plans for money on paper doesn’t work. We work on deeper levels like mindset and emotions around money because those matter more than a great budget in the long-term. The solutions we offer take time and energy into the equation because today’s women are stretched thin.

The Cash Confident Community Membership is, as far as we're concerned (and we're a little bit biased) the absolute best program in money for women that is available!

When you join, we begin by identifying your relationship with money. There are seven different levels of how we ascend. We then identify which programs you should implement and when.

As you complete the work, there are monthly Mindset and Strategy Q&A calls you can join so we can do the work together. Guidance, encouragement and celebration make the difference in making lasting financial changes. 

Why Join Cash Confident™️

Money is one of the most important relationships you have, and a good relationship with money makes every decision you make easier.

We are seeing clients...

  • Build Savings For The First Time
  • Pay Off Debt Once And For All
  • Break Old Patterns Of Crappy Money Mindset
  • Pay Cash For Vacations And Luxuries
  • Shrink Their Student Loans
  • Pay Off Their Houses
  • Stop Fighting With Their Partners About Money

Brie Sodano has worked with thousands of women, testing solutions and seeing what works in real life. This community has every single thing you need to be more financially successful next year. 

Inside the Community You Get 

  • Mentorship 2 LIVE group coaching calls to work through any challenges with sticky emotions or money mindset. 
  • Accountability 2 LIVE calls to help you get the nitty gritty work done. 
  • LIVE Course Rotation We always have something new and exciting happening in the community. 
  • Full Suite Of Courses, That teach different financial skills each one bringing you higher on the pyramid. 
  • A Community Of Women Doing the same work loving on and encouraging each other in the most warm and fuzzy ways. 
  • Financial Strategy Library 
  • Guest Interviews and Surprise Masterclasses

Plus swag gets delivered to your door…