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The Cash Confident Community is a Private Online 12-Month Membership of like minded women who are ready to take control of their money situation once and for all. Already a member? I'm super excited to have you. Click to SIGN-IN ABOVE. Stumbled here by accident? Keep reading...

If you've looked into our programs, but haven't been ready to take the plunge or failed to implement, this community is for you.

With access to every program available from Shark School (plus, more on the way!) and live support calls, we not only focus on the emotional and intellectual relationship women have with money, but we work with you to support you in implementing the strategy changes once and for all.
Our systems maximize the way you use your resources: time, money, and mental energy.

The Cash Confident Community Membership is, as far as we're concerned (and we're a little bit biased) the absolute best program in money for women that is available!

The Community is designed to provide context for your wealth-building journey.

When you join, we begin by identifying your relationship with money. There are seven different levels of how we ascend. We then identify which programs you should implement and when.

As you complete the work, there are monthly Mindset and Strategy Q&A calls you can join so we can do the work together. All calls are recorded and a replay is shared for you to review. You can also post questions and comments in the Community or inside the courses as you complete the work.

My team is available to celebrate with you and support you as needed.

Why You Should Join Us

The Cash Confident Community is the absolute best program in money for women that is available!

Enroll in The Cash Confident Membership today and get INSTANT access to past and current content for a fraction of the price if purchased separately.

Each Month You'll Receive:

  • Monthly Masterclass Exclusive to Community
  • Live Monthly Money Mindset Call
  • Live Monthly Q&A Call for Course & Strategy Questions
  • Access to Every Course in Shark School
  • Exclusive Access to the Strategy Library
  • Bonus Interviews with Guest Experts
  • Opportunity to Have Your Questions Answered By Brie and Her Team
  • Instant Access to Past Content and Replays
  • Exclusive Access to Community Through Proprietary App

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A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this community to make it what it is today. We wouldn't be here without you! 

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